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    Unfaithfully Yours

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    Unfaithfully Yours

    What's it About

    Sir Alfred de Carter (Harrison), a distinguished orchestra conductor, is led to believe his beautiful wife (Darnell) is cheating on him. In a barely contained fit of jealousy during a performance, he plots various ways to exact his revenge. After the show, however, he has difficulty pulling things off as planned, which, it turns out, is all for the best.

    Why we love it

    Preston Sturges conceived, produced, wrote and directed this comic symphony at the peak of his creative powers, deftly combining fast, stinging dialogue with moments of inspired physical comedy. Harrison is in his element with all his trademark cantankerousness on full display (reminiscent of a much younger Henry Higgins), and Darnell's an ever tolerant vision of loveliness. Look for immortal comic Edgar Kennedy as a music loving detective. Here's one classic comedy you can have faith in.