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    The Lavender Hill Mob

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    The Lavender Hill Mob

    What's it About

    The story is all-too- familiar: for many years, the mild-mannered Henry Holland (Guinness) has earned his humble living transporting gold to banks, and one day, decides to take some of the booty for himself. With his trusted friend Alfred (Holloway), who manufactures paperweights, Henry concocts an ingenious plan to get the gold safely out of the country. The unfolding of Henry's daring scheme creates some of the most sublime comic situations you'll see on a movie screen.

    Why we love it

    The prodigiously gifted Mr. Guinness seems tailor-made for the part of Henry, our seemingly timid protagonist with a very naughty, greedy side to him. Among the slew of top British character actors supporting him, the garrulous Holloway (who famously went on to play Alfie Doolittle in "My Fair Lady") complements Guinness particularly well. This top heist comedy is also notable for introducing the world to a screen superstar: look fast for a tantalizing first glimpse of Audrey Hepburn in a walk-on part. (Her character's name is "Chiquita"!)