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    The Heart of the Game

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    The Heart of the Game

    What's it About

    This doc trails tax-law professor Bill Resler, who took up coaching a girls' basketball team at Seattle's suburban (mostly white) Roosevelt High School, lifting his newly fired up hoopers into a formidable, competitive team. When a gifted black player, Darnellia, joins the roster, the Rough Riders suddenly seem poised for championship glory. But a mind-boggling series of setbacks and twists of fate take this hard-charging team on a real-life rollercoaster ride like you've never seen.

    Why we love it

    Not since the Oscar-winning "Hoop Dreams" has a sports doc proven so absorbing and irresistibly enjoyable. Resler and his spirited gals are all compelling personalities, even as streetwise Darnellia's talent and temper take center stage. Filmed over seven years, Serrill edited thousands of hours of footage into a nerve-shredding, compact film of pure exhilaration — and yes, pure heart. Get your head in the "Game."