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    Sherman's March

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    Sherman's March

    What's it About

    Fascinated by the Civil War general's famous march to the sea, native Southerner Ross McElwee sets out to re-trace the route, intending to make a straightforward documentary. But his journey quickly morphs into a very personal self-diagnosis of his failures in love, with his interview subjects — all bold, brassy, Southern women acquaintances — providing the catalyst.

    Why we love it

    Fearlessly turning the camera on himself, sad-sack protagonist Ross McElwee burst on the documentary scene in 1986 with this hilariously honest and dead-pan documentary, transforming a run-of-the-mill historical road trip into an inspired meditation on life, love and relationships. "March" is refreshingly true to life and on-target about the fundamental differences between the sexes — and our often clumsy attempts to bridge them.

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