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    What's it About

    A killer is stalking Bree Daniel (Fonda), a would-be actress and high-class call girl. Detective Klute (Sutherland) meets her while investigating the mysterious disappearance of a male relative. It's evident that Bree is a pivotal link in Sutherland's investigation, but she herself has no idea what that link is, which only makes her more vulnerable. Could she be next to disappear?

    Why we love it

    Director Pakula builds a creepy, paranoiac mood that makes for mesmerizing viewing. Fonda brings texture and dimension to the central role: part cynical, hardened hooker; part confused young woman; too frightened to let anyone into her life. (Fonda deservedly won the Best Actress Oscar that year.) Sutherland is effectively subdued as John "Klute." The result is truly spine-tingling.