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    How To Steal a Million

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    How To Steal a Million

    What's it About

    Master forger Charles Bonnet (Griffith) faces exposure when one of his great works, a "Cellini" sculpture, inadvertently winds up in a Paris museum, subject to expert scrutiny. So his glamorous daughter Nicole (Hepburn) hires a thief, Simon Dermott (O'Toole), to help her steal the statue. There's only one wrinkle: Dermott's actually an undercover detective.

    Why we love it

    The madcap "Million" comprises a delightful romantic comedy and heist picture rolled into one. The sprightly Hepburn and debonair O'Toole make a winning duo, but Griffith takes top acting laurels as a flamboyant art forger. Expertly directed by veteran Wyler from a witty screenplay by Harry Kurnitz, this is colorful, diverting fluff of the first order.