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    The Princess Bride

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    The Princess Bride

    What's it About

    We return to the swashbuckling days of yore via a bedtime story told by a grandfather (Falk) to his grandson (Savage), and witness a tale of romance and heroism. Our hero, Westley (Elwes), has found true love with the beautiful Buttercup (Wright), and must rescue her when she's abducted by a villainous prince (Sarandon). A myriad of colorful characters spring up along the way, making his quest all the more eventful.

    Why we love it

    F-U-N with capital letters sums up this movie. And we might add N-Y as well! Though its tongue remains firmly in its cheek, "Bride" plays out with considerable affection for the genre it spoofs. The movie works as both broad comedy and a sweet natured homage to the wonders of childhood, fantasy and storytelling. Highlight: Mandy Patinkin as hot-under-the-collar swordsman Inigo Montoya. Also look for an unrecognizable Billy Crystal and Carol Kane. Director Rob Reiner really scored with this one.