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    The Nazi Officer's Wife

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    The Nazi Officer's Wife

    What's it About

    This documentary tells the extraordinary life story of Edith Hahn Beer, a Viennese Jew who narrowly escaped deportation to a concentration camp by removing her yellow star and going into hiding. Adopting an Aryan identity, she then moved to Munich and worked as a nurse’s aide for the Red Cross until she met her husband — a Nazi factory owner.

    Why we love it

    Narrated by Susan Sarandon and outfitted with old newsreel footage, personal photographs, and candid interviews with Beer and others, “Wife” is the intriguing story of a Jewish woman who survived the Holocaust by doing the unimaginable: marrying a Nazi who knew her true identity. Intelligent and proud, Beer is an engaging presence whose perspective on the social milieu of the Third Reich is downright fascinating. Her memories are fleshed out by readings from her autobiography, courtesy of Ormond. This “Wife” tells a survival story like no other.

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