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    The Goodbye Girl

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    The Goodbye Girl

    What's it About

    Dancer/divorcee Paula McFadden (Mason) is raising a precocious daughter on her own, and suddenly learns that her recently departed actor boyfriend has leased their apartment right out from under her to yet another actor, one Elliot Garfield (Dreyfuss). After some predictable conflict on Elliot's unexpected arrival, Paula and the new thespian in her life form an uneasy truce and start sharing the apartment. Cupid takes care of the rest.

    Why we love it

    Beyond Neil Simon's sharp, knowing script, both Dreyfuss and Mason shine in the central comic roles — in fact, Dreyfuss even took home the Oscar that year. The adorable Quinn Cummings more than holds her own as Mason's wisecracking daughter. Funny and touching, "Goodbye" is an ideal feel good movie. Appropriate for older kids.