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    The Crying Game

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    The Crying Game

    What's it About

    After hollow-eyed IRA soldier Fergus (Rea) befriends British captive Jody (Whitaker), he is given the task of executing him by dogmatic group leaders. Tormented by his violent past, Fergus finally flees Ireland for the expatriate demimonde of London, and looks up Jody's lover, Dil (Davidson), a seductive chanteuse with a shocking secret life of her own.

    Why we love it

    Irish director Jordan made a big splash with this "Game," a kinky psychological thriller with a twist ending no one could stop talking about. Beyond the surface titillation, Jordan portrays the struggle between emotional and physical desire and more rational issues of loyalty, both political and personal. Rea mesmerizes as the IRA grunt haunted by his previous life, and Davidson is a marvel as the aloof, unapologetically sensual Dil.

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