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    Mark Twain Tonight

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    Mark Twain Tonight

    What's it About

    Hal Holbrook gets inside the skin of American humorist and author Mark Twain in this sensational one-man performance filmed for a 1967 CBS special. Decked out in the writer's trademark white suit, along with his signature stogie and flowing mane of white hair to complete the picture, Holbrook delivers a funny, rambling, witty 90-minute monologue culled from over 14 hours of material he memorized verbatim from Twain's inimitable oeuvre.

    Why we love it

    Long before Spalding Gray brought one-man performance monologues into the mainstream, 40-year-old actor Hal Holbrook perfected this wonderful stage persona as homage to the author of "Huckleberry Finn" and many other treasures of American literature. His resemblance to Twain is uncanny, his diction impeccable, and the commentary — all folksy wisdom and homespun anecdotes about politics and religion, women, aging, and more — came from his long-running Broadway show. This program was a landmark in TV history, and minted Holbrook's reputation. Today it is as enlightening and entertaining as ever.

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