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    History Is Made at Night

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    History Is Made at Night

    What's it About

    Irene Vail (Arthur) meets suave head waiter Paul Dumond (Boyer) under the most unusual circumstances, but it hardly matters: it’s love at first sight. Irene is estranged and soon to be divorced from her wealthy, obsessively jealous husband Bruce (Clive), but when Bruce discovers that (for once) there may actually be another man, he will stop at nothing to prevent their happiness and get Irene back. Will true love prevail in the end? It’s great fun finding out.

    Why we love it

    Kudos to the Criterion Collection for restoring this long forgotten gem from the golden age of Hollywood, which somehow knew how to churn out these utterly charming romantic confections. Today, it’s a lost art. Veteran director Borzage draws out delightful performances from his two stars, and the chemistry between the Gallic, deep-voiced Boyer and All-American Arthur is surprisingly potent. In his final screen performance, Clive (best remembered as the original Dr. Frankenstein) makes a loathsome villain, while Carillo provides welcome comic relief as Paul’s loyal partner and best friend. Catch this rediscovered classic at night, or anytime!