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    Flesh and the Devil

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    Flesh and the Devil

    What's it About

    Leo (Gilbert) and Ulrich (Hanson) are childhood friends serving in the German army together. On leave, Leo falls for the aloof and beautiful Felicitas (Garbo) but discovers she is married. Challenged to a duel by her husband, Leo kills him and is sent to Africa as punishment by the military. On departure, he asks Ulrich to watch over Felicitas. When he returns three years later, Ulrich has married Felicitas, unaware that she was the love of Leo’s life. Can the men’s friendship survive this seductress in their midst?

    Why we love it

    Garbo’s third film for MGM proved to be her breakout. The on-screen chemistry and sizzling scenes between the Swedish starlet and American heartthrob Gilbert caused a sensation, which was only intensified by the actors’ off-screen love affair. Garbo’s sex appeal required no words; director Brown and cinematographer William Daniels masterfully capture her allure through dramatic camera angles and gorgeous lighting. Brown also shows a skilled touch with the dramatic moments, especially a duel shot in stark silhouette. It’s no surprise that Garbo and Brown would go on to make six more films together.  

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