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    Experiment in Terror

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    Experiment in Terror

    What's it About

    Kelly Sherwood (Remick) is an attractive bank employee who lives with younger sister Toby (Powers) in San Francisco. When Kelly is accosted by a wheezing psychopath (Martin) who threatens to kill her and her sister unless she embezzles money from her bank, FBI agent John Ripley (Ford) is called in to handle the tricky case. Can Ripley nab his man before Kelly and Toby are harmed?

    Why we love it

    With this "Experiment," director Edwards, best known for comedies, shows he can pull off thrillers with equal skill. Make no mistake: this one is lean, gritty, and frightening. Remick is perfect as the vulnerable victim, and Ford appropriately stolid as the dedicated Ripley. Villain Martin (who'd go on to play Artemus Gordon on TV's "The Wild, Wild West") will make your skin crawl with that wheezing whisper. Here's one nail-biter that truly lives up to its title.