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    Best in Show

    What's it About

    At the annual Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show, a number of competitors arrive, all hopeful of victory. There's neurotic yuppie couple Meg and Hamilton Swann (Posey and Hitchcock), clothing salesman Gerry Fleck (Levy) and his randy wife Cookie (O'Hara), fly-fishing shop owner Harlan Pepper (Guest) and Christy Cummings (Lynch), the lesbian handler of a past champion. Though the dogs are supposed to get all the attention, the odd behavior of the owners make that impossible.

    Why we love it

    Guest, today's answer to Preston Sturges, works his talented stock company to the hilt in this satire concerning the various bizarre characters populating the dog show circuit. Hilarious vignettes of various entrants (and their pooches) add up to winning comedy. Although Guest's send-up of various American types includes a Southern rube and a gay couple, the laughter is never mean-spirited. Willard's side-splitting turn as clueless broadcast announcer Buck Laughlin is truly one for the ages. In this "Show," it's the audience who wins.