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    Autumn Sonata

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    Autumn Sonata

    What's it About

    Charlotte (Bergman) is a famous concert pianist who, in the twilight of her years, is finally confronted with daughter Eva's (Ullmann) long-simmering resentment when Charlotte visits her for the first time in seven years. As they both confront a backlog of unresolved emotions, Charlotte and Eva pass a night hurling painful exchanges and recriminations at each other. The unspoken hope is that by releasing all the venom, mother and daughter can reconcile on healthier terms.

    Why we love it

    The first and only time the great Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman worked with master director Ingmar Bergman (no relation), was in this stormy drama. Ingrid reaches a career summit playing Charlotte, in her last big-screen appearance. Exquisitely photographed in autumnal tones by Ingmar's longtime collaborator Sven Nykvist, "Sonata" is a dramatic torrent of heated emotions and mournful revelations. Though talky, the film delivers a significant impact.

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