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    Annie Hall

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    Annie Hall

    What's it About

    When neurotic, self-conscious Alvy Singer (Allen), a TV gag writer and two-time divorcee, falls for fey nightclub singer Annie Hall (Keaton), the comic chemistry between them is undeniable. But relationships aren't that easy to manage, especially when mismatched to begin with — he's a New York Jew, she's a Midwestern WASP. Soon their paths begin to diverge, but their underlying feelings for each other remain real, if not realized. 

    Why we love it

    One of the great modern love stories, the charming "Annie Hall" has Allen essentially playing himself, with Keaton's sweet, spacy Annie providing an inspired foil. Aside from its examination of contemporary relationships, the movie hilariously contrasts the flavor and essence of New York with sunny, hip Los Angeles, that sprawl on the West Coast which, to Allen's mind, is definitely alien territory. Touching, true, and extremely funny, this is Woody's peak.

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